Welcome to Childpeace Montessori

Childpeace Montessori offers a unique urban Montessori experience. Our NW Portland campus includes a 40,000 square foot main building, a playground, a green space and garden and an 8,000 square foot middle school building. We also have an inter-generational program at our SE Portland classroom.

Interested in enrollment, complete a Parent Interest Form and we'll connect you with dates to tour!

Current Openings

SE Portland - The Terrace
We can enroll two more 3 year olds to start this September at our SE Stark, intergenerational location.

NW Portland - Children's House
We will host a couple tours in July/August for parents who'd like their children to be in the wait pool for a start during the end of 2019 in our 3-6 year old mixed age classrooms.

NW Portland - Elementary
Contact Dawn Cowan, Elementary Program Director, or complete a parent interest form to inquire about possible mid-year enrollment.

NW Portland - Metro Montessori
Our Middle School is accepting applications for Montessori transfer students for 7th and 8th grade at our NW location.

Head of School Transition

We have announced a search for a new Head of School.
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Montessori Hours - Open to the public

Attending a Montessori Hour is an important component of your enrollment process and will help you know if Montessori education would be a good fit for your family. Some priority is given to families who have attended one or more of the Hours. We offer four different topics so that you can gather a deeper level of information about our approach to education at Childpeace. Click on the links to RSVP.

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Fundraising at Childpeace

DonateNowChildpeace is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization

Childpeace, like virtually all non-profit independent schools in the country, relies on a combination of tuition and fundraising revenue to support its daily operations and fulfill its mission. If you have any questions on ways to give at Childpeace, or would like additional information, contact us at 503-222-1197.

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Complete a Parent Interest Form and we'll connect you with dates to tour!