Childpeace Volunteer Program


Every child in a Montessori school has the experience of sharing their talents and we hope to offer the same to their parents. Community commitment is built, whether in the classroom or in the larger community, by working side by side and getting to know one anothers strengths and talents. Childpeace is fortunate to have an active and helpful parent community with many, many hours of volunteer time being clocked annually.


The Childpeace Volunteer Program with the intention of fostering an informed, engaged and inclusive community. Through this program, the Community Coordinator seeks to align our parents' many talents and special skills with the school's needs for support. Opportunities for involvement vary considerably in terms of degree of skill and time required. Some parents may wish to focus energy on areas specific to their child’s class, while others enjoy helping out at school-wide events or taking a sustained annual volunteer role.

Volunteer Expectation

We are eager to welcome you to a new school year! Your energy, enthusiasm and support for Childpeace can make a wonderful year for all, but especially for your child(ren). Each family is asked to contribute 8 hours (10 for two children), particularly in support of fundraising, classroom endeavors and community-building. A $20 per hour payment is charged in June if the minimum volunteer expectation is not met. While we will do our best to track the volunteer efforts of our parents, it remains your responsibility to be sure they are recorded and counted towards your family’s yearly expectation. You’ll receive up to date totals periodically throughout the year so you can verify.

Volunteer sign-ups are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We will send out notices as new opportunities become available throughout the school year.

For more specific information about the Childpeace Volunteer Program, including FAQs, links and more, current Childpeace parents can login to the Secure Section of our website and access the Volunteer Information page.

Our Mission

To guide the development of the whole child, socially and academically, through the principles of AMI Montessori education in an urban setting.