Tuition, Fees and Deposits

Tuition 2022-23

All programs are 5 days per week.

Toddler Community

14 to 36 months  
3/4 Day 8:30-2:45 $2,005 per month
Full Day 2:45-5:30 $470 per month
Early Morning Care 7:30-8:30 $190 per month

Children's House

3 to 6 years  
1/2 Day 8:30-1:00 $13,500 per school year
3/4 Day 8:30-3:00 $15,800 per school year
Full Day 3:00-5:30 $415 per month
Early Morning Care 7:30-8:30 $175 per month

The Terrace

3 to 6 years  
1/2 Day 8:30-12:45 $12,250 per school year
3/4 Day 8:30-3:00 $14,500 per school year


6 to 12 years  
School Day 8:30-3:15 $17,400 per school year
After School Care 3:15-5:30 $79 per month for each weekday (M-F)
Early Morning Care 7:30-8:30 $35 per month for each weekday (M-F)

Middle School

12 to 15 years  
School Day 8:30-3:30 $20,800 per school year


Common Questions

Tuition and fees are processed by FACTS Tuition Management on behalf of Childpeace. This online tuition service will include a per-family fee of $20 for 1 and 2 installments or $50 for 10 installments. Payment options will be selected by families on the FACTS website.

Tuition and fees not listed in the payment options above are billed on a monthly basis and cannot be paid in advance. These include: EMC, Full Day, ASC, Drop-In Care and any other incidental charges. Monthly due dates are scheduled for the 20th of the month.

FACTS will charge a monthly late fee for balances that are more than five days past due. The fee will be a minimum of $5 and then 2% of the past due balance.

There is a $50 Application Fee and a New Child Registration Fee due for all levels of $350. These non-refundable fees are paid via FACTS Apply & Enroll.

There is a refundable Program Deposit due of $1,000 for Children’s House/The Terrace, $1,300 for Elementary, and $1,600 for middle school. There is no program deposit for the Toddler Community. Program deposits are paid to Childpeace to hold your child's space in our programs. They are returned only when your child is ready to matriculate to 1st grade from Children's House, to 4th grade from Lower Elementary, to 7th grade from Upper Elementary or at the end of each school year at Metro.

The Building Reserve Fee is $950 for Toddler Community, Children's House and Elementary programs and $345 for new enrollment at the middle school program and supports the long-term care of our building and grounds. Each newly-enrolling family commits to paying this fee during the first school year of enrollment. It is billed according to the tuition payment schedule.

Yes, there is a sibling discount of $250 that is applied to oldest child's tuition. The sibling discount applies to the oldest child(ren)'s tuition (e.g., two discounts for three siblings).

Yes, see our Tuition Assistance page for more information.

At our NW location, after school care is available for our Toddler Community from 2:45pm to 5:30pm - $470/month and Children's House from 3pm to 5:30pm - $415/month.

Elementary after school care is available from 3:15pm to 5:30pm - $395/month.

Early morning care is not available at this time.

At The Terrace, early morning care is available from 8:00am to 8:30am ($85/month) and after school care is available from 3pm to 4pm ($170/month).

Drop-in care is available at both locations for $9 per half hour when space allows.

Yes, families have the option of participating in the tuition refund plan. The Tuition Refund Plan (PDF) is available for Children's House through Middle School students and the cost for 2022-23 is 1% of the annual tuition.

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