Framing the Future

Turning forty is a milestone. It's time to reflect, celebrate and look forward to a new decade of growth, wisdom and fresh opportunities. It's a time to purposely plan for what the future may bring. The timing seems perfect, then, for sharing the news about the future of Childpeace.

In 2012, Childpeace crafted a strategic plan that guided our direction through 2017. From that planning, and in that short time, we have seen our school grow to encompass a middle school, we have acquired a new building and green space, added a third elementary classroom, remained financially solid, and, most importantly, we have watched our children thrive.

Five years later, our school faces a changing landscape that presents exciting opportunities alongside new challenges. Thus, we look ahead to a new period of creative planning - one that will honor our history and frame our future.

After contemplating how to best move this work forward, we decided to bring in a facilitator. The Board and administrative leadership team interviewed several consultants and agreed that Andy Mozenter of Concentrics would be the best match for Childpeace. Andy will move the process forward in an organized and intentional way, gather information for us, and most importantly, provide the organizational support that will allow us to think boldly and articulate our process clearly.

Two groups will work hand in hand with Andy: the Core Group Committee and the Steering Committee. The Core Group is made up of the administrative team and members of the Board. The Steering Committee will be a larger group representing a microcosm of our community - current parents/guardians, students, faculty, alumni and trustees. We will also reach out to thought leaders in the field of education as well as neighbors in our community who have a stake in our future.

Our Mission

To guide the development of the whole child, socially and academically, through the principles of AMI Montessori education in an urban setting.