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In support of our mission, Childpeace Montessori School strives to keep our education affordable and accessible for families through our tuition assistance fund. The school is committed to equity and inclusion and we offer need-based tuition assistance to families who would not otherwise be able to afford a Childpeace education.



Tuition assistance is available to new and returning families based on individual financial circumstances. All tuition assistance award decisions are made by the school and are dependent upon available funds.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment conducts the financial analysis for Childpeace, an important step in determining the tuition assistance we can offer to each applicant. FACTS charges a fee for processing the application and securely storing all supporting documentation. Priority consideration will be given to families who complete applications in FACTS by the priority deadline. Later applications will be considered on a rolling basis, including any that are based on a sudden financial hardship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Re-enrolling families, new applicants, and current families can apply. Note that the tuition assistance application must be completed by the FACTS account holder or an authorized party from the same household for the portion of tuition that will be billed to their account. In addition, it must reflect all members of the household who are associated with the Childpeace or Metro student.

The application collects information about income, assets, and expenses that FACTS uses to analyze each family’s unique circumstances and ability to pay tuition. Tax documents from the most recent year (if prior to current tax filing date, the prior year with current W-2s representing all household income) will need to be uploaded. Please see the FACTS Grant & Aid Flyer (PDF) for additional details.

Parents who are not employed because they are higher education students will need to upload proof of enrollment status.

At its discretion, the school may ask for supplemental documentation.

If you are not able to upload current tax returns, please submit prior year taxes and plan to submit the most recent year by the first federal tax filing deadline in order to be considered for tuition assistance. Any conditional award made without complete tax documents is subject to change following the federal tax filing deadline.

While applications are not anonymous, the sensitive information they contain is held in strict confidence by the school’s Tuition Assistance Committee.

The admission process is entirely separate from the tuition assistance application. Admission to the school is not dependent on a family’s income, assets, or ability to pay.

Assistance is awarded in proportion to the school day tuition and applied to that total. It does not apply to other school fees or programs.

For Children’s House and Terrace applicants, awards are based on the applicable schedule and are subject to change if the schedule changes. Toddler Community and Children’s House summer program tuition is eligible for the same level of assistance received in the preceding school year.

Yes, tuition assistance applications should be completed annually. Priority consideration for the upcoming year will be given to families who complete applications in FACTS by the priority deadline, as awards are dependent upon available funds.

Toddler Community admission is offered on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applications for tuition assistance from prospective Toddler Community families are accepted on a rolling basis to match the enrollment period.


Awards are based primarily upon financial need as determined by FACTS Grant & Aid. FACTS processes all applications for tuition assistance through a computer analysis that makes award recommendations. The Tuition Assistance Committee reviews the recommendations and makes the final decisions.

The Tuition Assistance Committee makes its decisions through the application of guidelines in order to ensure a fair and consistent process. Priority will be given to applications that are complete by the application deadline, repeat applicants, re-enrolling students, and students who are finishing the final year of their program cycle.


Separated, Divorced, or Unmarried parents

Childpeace believes each legally recognized guardian has a responsibility to pay for the education of their child(ren). The school does not feel bound by the assertion, if it is made, that one parent disclaims responsibility for educational expenses.

Please note: Parents can be assured that any financial information received from one parent will not be shared with the another.


Additional Children

FACTS Grant & Aid does take into account other children attending tuition-charging schools, including college. Childpeace expects that a family with children attending other tuition-charging schools will also apply for financial assistance at those schools; in general, consideration of financial assistance will not be given to students whose parents pay full tuition for siblings at other institutions.


Parents who are Not Employed

In cases where a parent is not employed by choice, FACTS will impute an appropriate salary which allows the school to treat all families equitably, including those with stay-at-home parents, single parents, and working parents.

Financial Choices

Childpeace’s tuition assistance program is not intended to subsidize financial lifestyle choices. You may be contacted for more detailed information to ensure that the Tuition Assistance Committee has a complete understanding of your family’s financial situation.


Retirement and College Accounts

While our process acknowledges a family’s need to save for retirement and/or college within reason, please know that all personal assets are included in FACTS’ assessment and may impact the tuition assistance award decision.


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