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Annual Report Message

The 2017-18 school year was marked by the continuation of strategic planning and a gathering of more than 70 members of our community to discuss the future of Childpeace. After the final meetings took place, the School received documentation from Concentrics Inc. and our board of trustees began the implementation process in January 2018. The Board made significant changes to its previous committee structure and adopted three key committees to align with the three pillars of the newly adopted strategic plan. The Administration also began work on our organizational chart with the goal of optimizing our ability to implement the strategic plan.

The fiscal year was impacted by the need to adjust to unexpected economic and licensing regulations. The 2018 federal tax reform bill impacted the School as an increase in our mortgage interest rate created a lengthy negotiation that ultimately mitigated the interest rate adjustment. Additionally, Oregon’s Office of Child Care (OCC), made regulatory changes that eliminated our ability to move Toddler Community children to Children’s House before their third birthdays. Additional OCC requirements for staffing resulted in more budgetary adjustments. By year end, the adjustments to program and budget were made and the School was able to maintain financial stability.

As always, the day-to-day life of the School hummed along, with the Birch Room continuing to nurture its first group of 6th year students and the Upper Elementary supporting a record 29 graduates. All of our classroom guides returned for the 2017-18 year, a staff baby was born and a beloved middle school guide retired at year end. Our last Spring Event, a celebration of the PyeongChang Olympics, included a paddle raise for a new shade structure for our playground, scheduled to be installed in the Spring of 2019. It was another year of inspired education and organizational growth.

Warmest regards,

Sue Pritzker & Elisa Wickstrom

Head of School Sue Pritzker

Sue Pritzker
Head of School

Board President Elisa Wickstrom

Elisa Wickstrom
Board President

Board of Trustees and Advisors

Vice Chair
Ewan Rose

Oanh Jordan

Katie Reich
Mary Marsh
Patrick Roach
Bernd Brandle
Courtney Dausz
Caitlin Smith Cecala
Anna Cho
Emily Ip

Meet the Staff - Middle School Guide Jon Erickson

Dolphins or koalas? Why?

Hmm, to surf or sleep… Since I am responding at an energized point in my day, I would love to surf like a dolphin, or with a dolphin. After a full day of work and negotiating dinner and bedtime routine with two kids, I envy the koala who can sleep for 20 hours a day without judgement.

What’s your favorite time of day?

In the morning before anyone else wakes up, when life seems quiet.

What is one thing no one knows about you?

So, you’re asking me to give up that one secret thing that I have? Not today bub. Also, I can't really think of anything... I'm a pretty open book.

If your life were a song, what would the title be?

Go Fast, Slow Down.

Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?

Bike toured the South Island of New Zealand for 3 months as a 20 year old.

Middle School Teacher Jon Erickson in a Boat Built by StudentsBest way to take a rest/decompress?

On the river fishing, floating or discovering all the subtle life around me.

Sweet or savory?

Savory, almost always.

Why Montessori?

Montessori has allowed me to take students on educational adventures of their choosing. I have been able to work alongside students guiding them through content and material they would not have been exposed to or encouraged to pursue in the public schools where I have worked in the past. The passion leads the process which makes every day exciting.

What do you love about teaching?

I love working with adolescents as they think critically about who they are and who they want to be in tomorrow’s society. They also explore spaces in new and sometimes impulsive ways that I find challenging and entertaining.

What is your favorite Childpeace memory?

I will always remember when I first joined the staff in 2012 and was invited to the end-of-year party. I was welcomed with smiles and hugs from my now-peers. I knew at that point that I was in a special place, where I would be accepted, listened to and encouraged.

Tuition Assistance

$74,780 Awarded to 20 Students

In 2017-18, a total of $74,780 was awarded to 20 students through our tuition assistance programs, including short-term assistance.

Childpeace Enrollment

Historic Enrollment Graph

Alumni Connections - Paloma Hopson

Childhood Photo of Alumni Paloma HopsonOur alumni are an important part of our continued story. They provide a vital peek into the future and allow us to reflect on our past. Our featured alum is Paloma Hopson, who attended Children's House through the middle school here at Childpeace. She graduated in June 2018 and currently attends her local public high school. We recently reconnected with her and here is our brief and fun interview. Enjoy!

Dolphins or koalas? Why?

I don't really know too much about either animal, but I think I would be a dolphin, because dolphins are much more intelligent, communicative and friendly.

What’s your favorite time of day?

My favorite time of day is 9pm at night. I love this time of day, because it's right after I get home from sports. I get to chill and reflect on my day with my family and friends.

What is one thing no one knows about you?

I feel like I am a very open book, I like to talk... like a lot. My mom likes to say that I talk because I like the sound of my own voice. But one thing that most people who first meet me don’t know is that I train 22.5 hours a week at gymnastics. Everyday at 2:30 I start practice and at 7:00 every night I finish. I absolutely love it, because I love the feeling of flying and flipping. I also love spending time with my teammates and cheering them on at meets.

If your life were a song, what would the title be?

If my life was a song it would probably be "The Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi. I am a perfectionist and sometimes I can get down on myself when something isn't perfect, but this song reminds me to keep my head up and keep working.

Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?

The most adventurous thing I have ever done is probably deciding to go to a school this year where I knew no one. In the moment, deciding what school to go to was an easy decision, but when the first day of school came closer and closer I started becoming more and more nervous. I started wondering about if I was gonna make friends, or if I was going to like my classes. But when I walked into school, on the first day, people immediately started introducing themselves to me and I immediately felt so much better. I took a sigh of relief and I’ve never been more happy I took a risk, because it absolutely paid off!

Best way to take a rest/decompress?

Something I like to do to calm down after a long day is lie in my room and play some music or read.

Grownup Photo of Alumni Paloma HopsonSweet or savory?

Sweet! I have a really big sweet tooth, I love eating ice cream more than anything.

Why Montessori?

I think Montessori is a great choice, it helped me learn how to communicate with my teachers and peers respectfully, work independently and find my interests. All of these lessons have really helped me through the beginning of high school and I know I will continue to carry them through the rest of my life.

What do you love learning about?

My interests outside of school at the moment are gymnastics, listening to and exploring music, and watching my favorite TV show, The Office. This year at school I have really taken a liking to my English and Modern World History class.

What is your favorite Childpeace memory?

My favorite memory at Childpeace was our trip to Costa Rica in 6th grade. All the 6th graders from both the Hawthorn and Larch room got to go. We went zip lining, volunteering, swimming, traveled to La Pas Waterfall Garden and we also went to a national soccer game. I loved spending time with the 6th graders from the other classroom. My friend Bella and I roomed together and every night we invited all the other 6th grade girls into our room to eat Costa Rican candy, do homework and watch Spanish television. By the end of the week we nicknamed our room "The Party Room."

Financial Results

Charts of Financial Results

Our Community

Graphic Map of Family Hot Spots in Portland

Our community is vast and growing every year. Each year, we send new students (and their families) out into the greater world to learn and grow and positively change the world. Our families come to us from all over the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area and beyond. We hope that when they move on, they continue to share their knowledge and wisdom wherever they end up. This graphic ilustrates our community density based on neighborhood in 2017-18.

4,879 Volunteer Hours

Happy Middle School Students High Fiving

We thank the hundreds of parents, grandparents, alumni and students who contributed their time and talents serving Childpeace in 2017-18.

A robust volunteer community is essential to our school's success as it:

  • brings the Childpeace community together
  • helps to offset the general operating costs of the school
  • gives parents insight into their child’s experience
  • makes the school a vibrant, exciting and supportive place for the children in attendance through events like Upper and Lower Elementary Gatherings, our Annual Art Run and other community events

For the 2017-18 school year, our community reported 4,879 volunteer hours.


$201,858 Contributed

Cheering Student at Art Run Fundraiser

Our generous community's donations allow us to take our already exceptional staff, programming, and student experience to an even higher level—beyond what our tuition dollars alone can accomplish. Funds raised this year will begin to move Childpeace forward on the goals outlined in our strategic plan, specifically those related to culture and access. Contributions designated to our tuition assistance program will enable us to improve and expand the program.

The Spring Event's Moment of Giving raised $40,900 for the 600 square foot playground canopy that should be installed over Spring break. The canopy will enable our children to utilize the space even on the rainiest of days and help muffle neighborhood sounds.

We are proud to say that our fundraising results exceeded expectations for the fiscal year. In 2017-18, the Childpeace community contributed $201,858 to our efforts. None of these achievements would be possible if not for the efforts of our outstanding group of volunteers and for the generous donations of our community members.


July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

Smiling Student in the Toddler Community Classroom

Annual Appeal Donors

In 2017-18, Annual Appeal donors contributed unrestricted gifts and restricted funds for scholarships and for our middle school program.

Leadership Circle

Aaron & Caroline Kahn
Arrow & Jessica Kruse
Benjamin & Emily Ip
Chandra Oleksiewicz & Alex Jenkins
Elisa & Scott Wickstrom
Erin Moeschler & Robb Rathe
Jennifer & Barry Bradie
Jennifer & Bill Lynch
Jennifer & Don Arancibia
Joseph Cole & Elizabeth Verner-Cole
Lauren & Ewan Rose
Liz Tilbury
Madeleine Vanstory & Thomas Day
Marisa Kula Mercer & James Mercer
Mike Lynch
Paul Dockter & Pam Kelley-Dockter
Speros Homer & Katie Reich
Stacey Wilson & Rob Williamson
Stephen & Mary Marsh
Swinerton Builders


Albert McDonnell & Maren Thomas
Alessandra & Mark Novak
Aliece & Bruce Nguyen
Allyson & Tim Purcell
Amanda Donigan Gibbs
Amy Schulties and Eliot Wajskol
An & Melissa Vu
Ana & Colin Leary
Anastasia & Jim Shulevitz
Andrew & Abigail Paul

Donors Continued

Angel Gray & Eric Weeks
Angela & Patrick Gaffney
Ann Kendellen
Anonymous (15)
Ashley Golden & Lance Lindsay
Aukjen Ingraham
Aya Morton & Marco Materazzi
Benjamin & Emily Ip
Benjamin & Erin LeBlanc
Beth & Roy Notowitz
Birch Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Brandy Keener
Britta Diettrich & Jim Kennett
Bruce Frederick
Bryan Shieh & Trang Doan
Caitlin Smith Cecala & Alex Cecala
Carol & Whitford Johnson
Caroline & Aaron Kahn
Carolyn Faulkner
Caryn & John Urata
Chandra Oleksiewicz & Alex Jenkins
Christiane Millinger & Anton Pardini
Christopher & Christine Peabody
Christopher & Margaretta Keefer
Christopher & Mireille Suarez
Claire & Edin Zulich
Connie Shank
Courtney and Kris Dausz
Courtney Anders & Nate August
Craig & Cheron Calder
Crystal Khoury
Cynthia & Ralph Gilliam
Darcy & TJ Lambert
Darren & Dina Glassman
Darren Yee
David & Shawn Filippi
Dawn Cowan & Ian Fabik
Deborah & Damian Wise

Donors Continued

Donavon & Jennifer Arancibia
Dondee Murray & Michael Ceriello
Ed & Venus Zaron
Eden & Jeremy Thiessen
Edie & Sean Kahrhoff
Elisa & Scott Wickstrom
Elisabeth Charman & Brad Trost
Elisabeth Charman & Bradley Trost
Elizabeth & Tim Schwarz
Elizabeth Davidson
Emily & Josh Oliva
Emre & Maia Ozguc
Eric Park & Grace Lee-Park
Erin Moeschler & Robb Rathe
Eve Roberts
Fallon M. Roderick
Fleschner Family
Gary & Jeanne Snyder
Gerald Kennedy & Karen Kelsall
Hedgehog Tree Care, Inc.
Hema Thakar & Daniel Dugi
Hieu and Analyn Nguyen
Hollywood Children’s Dentistry
Holstein/Deggeller Family
Hrag Nassanian & Narnia Wiborg
Ilse Larson & Tommy Dewland
Irena Ilcheva & Stan Ilchev
Ivy Gibson & Joe FitzPatrick
Jacqueline Sella Cobbett & Jamian Cobbett
Jan & Douglas Smith
Jane & Jeffrey Foerster
Janet Williamson
Jay and America Hopson
Jay Thakar
Jeffrey & Sona Tufenkian
Jennifer & Barry Bradie
Jennifer & Bill Lynch
Jennifer & James Shannon


Donors Continued

Jennifer Coffman & Todd Eisenberg
Jennifer Dannenfelser/Mindguide Learning, LLC
Jenny Siebenaler
Jess & Andrea Wetsel
Jim Watkins & Arthur Hung
Jimmy & Merri Baehr Whipps
Joanna & Rob Fleskes
Joe Simmons & Cloie Cohen
John & Karen Hoke
John Dieter, Faith Graham & Suzanne Hallerman
Jon Erickson & Allison Astrella
Jonya & Bradley Streeper
Joseph Cole & Elizabeth Verner-Cole
Joseph Lore
Josh & Kathy Prewitt
Jules Petrarca
Julian, Kimberly, & Josh Gardner
Julie & Scott McGee
Julie Ryles-Crimin & Josh Crimin
Kaoru Ogihara Lee & Francis Lee
Karl & Brandi Lisle
Karl Rapfogel & Jane Anne Morton
Kathy & Brian Paxton
Katrina & Michael Scotto di Carlo
Kellie Lim & Adam Sussman
Kelly & Chris Klavins
Kevin & Jeanette Thomas
Kevin, Erin, & Max McGovney
Kim Geist
Kimberly Hartson & Stephen Ridley
Kourosh & Karin Mohtadi
Kruse Family
Kyleen & John Dwight
Laura Hall
Laura Johnson
Laura Van Houten & Eric Philps
Lauren & Ewan Rose
Lindley Morton & Corrine Oishi

Donors Continued

Lindsay & Rory Fuerst
Lisa & James Selman
Lisa Silbert & Robert Geistwhite
Liz Tilbury
Liz Valentine & Oliver Brennan
Losch Family
Luke & Sally Tansill
Mackenzie & Alex Hughes
Madeleine Vanstory & Thomas Day
Marc Torrey & Nicole Johnson
Margaret Tilbury
Marie Selby & Tim Johnson
Mary Weaver Chapin & Steve Chapin
Matt & Paula Williams
Matt Curtis & Anne Nichols
Melanie Busdon & Barrett Reiner
Melissa Hurley & Michael Davis
Michael & Thea Lynch
Michelle Bobowick & Chuck Veneklase
Michelle de Greeve & Jacob Sullivan
Molly & Jung Kim
Mollyanne & Patrick Fleming
Natalie Boodin & Michael Krasovech
Nate & Kate Webb
Neil & Karen Hutchinson
Nina Sutter & Brent Carpenter
Nori & Kiyo Kadota
Norma & Andy Steiner
Oanh & James Jordan
Pam Bishop
Pam Kelley-Dockter & Paul Dockter
Patricia Burgess
Patricia Oriti & David Gaffney
Paul & Susan Harris
Rachel & Michael Novak
Rebecca & Dustin Combs
Rhianna & Thomas Walton
Riel Manriquez & Tiffany Wu

Donors Continued

Robert Ballato & Rochelle Atlas
Rose Rodgers
Sam Johnson
Sara Barlow-McLaughlin & Eunan McLaughlin
Sarah Dervan & Jeff Olson
Savonn Wyland & Brian Staab
Sean & Lily Baioni
Seidman Family
Sharie Juckeland Moss & James Moss
Shir & Laurence Grisanti
Sofia & Brian Jamison
Speros Homer & Katie Reich
Stacey Wilson & Rob Williamson
Stephanie & Eric Carlson
Stephen & Tanya Doubleday
Steve & Debbie Duvoisin
Steve Cooney & Renee James
Sue Pritzker
Susan Dancer & James Lang
Thao Nguyen & B. Maharshi Chauhan
The Alfrey Family
The Bonsalls
The Mercers
The Penrith Family
The Skaar Family
The Wilson Family
The Wollen Family
Tim & Elizabeth Schwarz
Tompoles Family
Tony Yun, Anna Cho & Tate Yun
Tricia & Charles Smith
Virginia Vanstory
White Family
Yoona Park & Tom Johnson
Zane Ball & Cara Lacy
Zoey and Jeffrey Wagner

Alumni Legacy Fund

Launched at the close of the 2014-15 school year, graduating families were presented with the option of turning their (perhaps forgotten) program deposit, or a portion thereof, into a charitable gift to fund scholarships.


Carol Suzuki
Josh Crimin & Julie Ryles-Crimin
Lindsay & Rory Fuerst
Oliver Brennan & Liz Valentine

Childpeace 2018! Olympic Fundraiser Event Logo

Spring Fundraiser

Sponsors and Advertisers

Abigail & Andrew Paul
Bill & Jenn Lynch
Brian Hopkins & Karen Marrongelle
Chuck Veneklase & Michelle Bobowick
Closet Factory
Donavon & Jennifer Arancibia
Garden Bar
Gold+Arrow Salon
Hennebery Eddy Architects
Hollywood Children's Dentistry
Karl Rapfogel & Jane Anne Morton
Laurence & Shir Grisanti
Leonard Adams Insurance
Mary Costantino
Open Studio Collective
Scott & Elisa Wickstrom
Sean E. Keener
Speros Homer & Katie Reich
Sunshine State LLC
Swinerton Builders
Tasha Bollerman, DMD PC
The Good
The Hostel Cafe


Abigail & Andrew Paul
Adam Sussman & Kellie Lim
Alex & Mackenzie Hughes
Alex Jenkins & Chandra Oleksiewicz
Amy Weinstein
Anna & Daniel Wilson

Donors Continued

Arrow & Jessica Kruse
Ben & Emily Ip
Bill & Jenn Lynch
Brent Carpenter & Nina Sutter
Bruce Nguyen & Aliece Gearhart
Byron Groves & Elke Kurtz
Carol Johnson
Channon & Byron Norris
Cheron Calder
Colin & Ana Leary
Colin Fogarty & Stephanie Wiant
Darcy & TJ Lambert
Darlene Davies
Denise Bynoe
Denise Dodge
Donavon & Jennifer Arancibia
Emily Kucha
Eric & Sophia Skaar
Eric Paine
Erin & David Cook
Garetta & Christopher Keefer
Geraldine Kempler
Greg & Jennifer Lawrence
James & Molly Siuty
James McDermott & Nancy Coronado
James Mercer & Marisa Kula Mercer
Janel & Sheldon Warmington
Jennifer Lyons
Jim & Joy Meyers
Jimmy Whipps & Merri Baehr Whipps
Josh & Emily Oliva
Joshua Weinstein & Elizabeth Reuthling
Karen Kelsall & Gerald Kennedy
Kelly & Chris Klavins
Kerris Cockrell & Ian Anderson-Priddy
Kris & Courtney Dausz

Donors Continued

Kris Bugbee & Kelli Greenwald
Kristen & Brian Seidman
Laura Van Houten & Eric Philps
Laurel & Jon MacDonald
Lauren & Ewan Rose
Linda Pownall
Liz Tilbury
Luke Olszewski & Deanna Chang
Madeleine Vanstory & Thomas Day
Marc Torrey & Nicole Johnson
Mark & Alessandra Novak
Marni Washington
Matia Brocker
Matt Genz & Heather Hanrahan
Melanie Busdon & Barrett Reiner
Michael Graham
Nick & Jacqueline Rothenberg
Riel Manriquez & Tiffany Wu
Rose Rodgers & AJ Ralston
Ryan Bledsoe & Brooke Wells
Sally & Luke Tansill
Sam & Sarah Kolbert-Hyle
Sandra M. Marentette
Sante Aesthetics and Wellness
Sara Barlow-McLaughlin & Eunan McLaughlin
Scott & Elisa Wickstrom
Stacey Wilson & Rob Williamson
Stephanie Houston & Paul Ribbing
Steve & Mary Marsh
Thao Nguyen & Maharshi Chauhan
Tim Johnson & Marie Selby
Todd Eisenberg & Jenny Coffman
Tommy Dewland & Ilse Larson
Tricia Stahel
Venus & Ed Zaron


Childpeace Montessori has made every effort to check the accuracy of the information in this report. Acknowledgement lists include gifts received and names appear as requested on donation materials or in official school materials. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions that have escaped our scrutiny. Childpeace values every contribution and greatly appreciates your support.