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Annual Report Message

The 2016-17 school year at Childpeace was focused on securing our financial future with a refinance of our state-issued mortgage bond. While the day-to-day life of the school and work of the children continued with its normal buzz, the Board of Trustees and Administration culminated a year of preparation with the completion of the transaction in November 2016. The refinance included an agreement to transfer banking to US Bank and included funds for scheduled capital improvements to the school grounds and facilities. The transaction also included the purchase of our middle school building. As summer 2017 approached, plans were in place for a renovation of that building to include a science room, renovated and improved kitchen, walls for sound remediation, new carpeting and ventilation upgrades.

With the financial future secure, Childpeace spent a year celebrating its 40th Anniversary, culminating in the “1976” Spring Event, held at our main building and recreating the wild and wacky year of the birth of our school. The first-ever alumni High School Graduate dinner took place in June 2017 with 25 alum enjoying dinner, memories and a slide show of their times at Childpeace. The photos of our alumnus in their earliest years came with a promise to stay in touch and bring back tales of their college years ahead.

Our 3rd Upper Elementary class began in September 2016. Amy Eshelby moved from her Lower Elementary class to the beautifully renovated loft to start a group of 20 Upper Elementary students. The financial and programmatic advantages had encouraged the move for many years and by June 2017 we were acknowledging many successes that had resulted from the decision.

Future focused, The Board of Trustees made the commitment to a full and robust strategic planning process to Frame the Future. Childpeace hired Andrew Mozenter and Concentrics, Inc. to lead a year-long planning process that would begin in January 2017. As the fiscal year ended in June 2017, the full community engagement was in place to support the school’s mission into the next decade and toward the 50th Anniversary to come.

The Board and Administration are proud to share this Annual Report with you.

Warmest regards,

Sue Pritzker & Elisa Wickstrom, Vice Chair

Head of School Sue Prtizker

Sue Pritzker
Head of School

Board President Bill Lynch

Bill Lynch
Board President

Board of Trustees and Advisors

Vice Chair
Elisa Wickstrom

Oanh Jordan

Bernd Brandle
Courtney Dausz
David Filippi
Mary Marsh
Katie Reich
Ewan Rose
Patrick Roach

Anna Cho
Erin LeBlanc
Ulysses Sherman

Meet the Staff - Terrace Guide Pam Bishop

Group of Smiling Students and Teacher Pam Bishop at The TerraceDogs or cats? Why?

Although I love both animals, dogs are my favorite because they like to go so many places with you from backpacking to playing at the coast.

Favorite season?

Summer is my favorite as it is when I can spend the most time outside. Summer means fresh fruit and vegetables in my garden, hiking, climbing and biking all over the Pacific Northwest with friends and family.

Where were you born?

I was born in Mendham, NJ.

What is your best childhood memory?

My best childhood memory is probably my summer gymnastics camp. It was my first time at a sleep away camp. I remember feeling so adult that I would be on my own without my family for an entire week and I was able to do gymnastics all day long.

What book have you read again and again?

I love reading so there are too many books to choose my favorite. Currently I have been obsessed with rock and alpine climbing so I have been reading biographies on women climbers.

What is the farthest you’ve been from home?

I spent a year living in London, which was amazing, although I didn't have much money saved as it was a last minute decision to spend the year abroad. I made it to Ireland for St. Patrick's (they don't celebrate nearly as much as Americans ) and to both Paris and Amsterdam where I was blown away by the beauty of the city and incredible museums and the fun laid back canal lifestyle in Amsterdam.

Singing or dancing? Why?

Although I do quite a bit of singing at school, I really love to dance. Growing up in the 80's, my sister and I loved to make up entire dance routines watching shows like solid gold and dance fever. Whereas I can't vouch for my dancing abilities I am always the first one on the dance floor.

Why Montessori?

Many years ago I was considering teaching but I knew the more traditional model would not be a good fit for me as I wanted my students to have more independence in what they chose to learn and how. One day, I picked up "the Montessori Method" at a bookstore and started to read it. A year or two later, I found myself in Portland, Oregon and learned that I had inadvertently moved just 15 blocks from the Montessori Institute Northwest, an AMI training center. It only took one year of teaching as an assistant teacher at West hills Montessori before I decided to make the jump to becoming a Montessori guide. I have been joyfully doing that ever since, 14 years and counting.

What do you love about teaching?

What I love most is how excited the children are to learn. When I approach a child and offer a new lesson, they are beaming (although on occasion a lesson is declined but not very often). I love that I can follow the child based on their interests and at their pace. I love the close-knit caring community that the children form with each other.

What is your favorite Childpeace/TT memory?

It would be hard to pick just one; however, there are certain events that always bring me great joy. My two favorites would be the Graduate Tea Party and the Rosebud Parade. The graduate tea party is the culmination of everything the eldest children have learned during their three or four years in the classroom. The children combine their extensive grace and courtesy lessons, practical life applications and language in a lovely culmination where they plan the event from menu to decorations. They prepare all the food, beautify the room and make gifts for the guests. They practice for three to four weeks prior to the event so that on the day of the event they are so proud and ready to host the residents at their own special tea party. Taking such joy in every detail to serve and take care of someone else, such as an esteemed elder in the community is always a precious sight to see. The Rosebud parade is a joyous celebration of the end of the year for all the Terrace families and residents. They join us in the courtyard for the parade put on by the Terrace children in their handmade costumes. The theme changes from year to year based on the children's interest. Some of my favorites were the invertebrate parade, Lewis and Clark and Alice in Wonderland. We sing, march, smile and have a big picnic at the end to say goodbye to another year of special living with the children and residents here at the Terrace.

Tuition Assistance

$57,998 Awarded to 13 Students

In 2016-17, a total of $57,998 was awarded to 13 students through our tuition assistance programs, including short-term assistance.

Childpeace Enrollment

Historic Enrollment Graph

Alumni Connections

Our alumni are an important part of our continued story. They provide a vital peek into the future and allow us to reflect on our past. Our featured alum is Narissa Carthy-Dundas, who attended The Terrace through middle school here at Childpeace. We recently reconnected with her and here is our brief and fun interview. Enjoy!

Childhood Photo of Alumni Narissa Carthy-DundasDogs or cats? Why?

Honestly, I love both, but if I had to choose...maybe cats? I find them to be fascinating creatures. Or at least my cats are, they’re some of the funniest animals I’ve met.

Favorite season?

Probably fall. Even though that doesn’t really exist in California (at least not like in Oregon) I always loved how the leaves would change in Portland, I always have thought it to be a beautiful transitional stage (through the seasons?)

Where were you born?

Portland, Oregon and I spent all of my life (so far) there until I moved in the summer of 2017. I hope to go back there soon!

Grownup Photo of Narissa Carthy-DundasWhat book have you read again and again?

All of the Harry Potter series and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, oh and all sorts of my childhood books and fairytales when I’m feeling nostalgic or when I’m sick.

What country do you wish to visit?

Honestly, I have so many. Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and England too mainly because of my ancestry there, especially Scotland. But I would love the experience overall of seeing a different culture.

What is the farthest you’ve been from home?

Costa Rica for the 6th-grade class trip. It was only for a week but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Still sad we didn’t get to see the sloths though.

What person would you like to have dinner with and why?

For people I actually know, any of my friends from middle school, but for celebrities or role models it would be incredible to meet or have dinner with Emma Watson or Malala Yousafzai. They both are such major inspirations and wonderful people, it would be incredible to talk to them.

Singing or dancing? Why?

Haha honestly I’m not very good at either but at times I’ll sing (sometimes very loudly) when no one else is around.

What do you think about Montessori?

I think it’s an excellent form of education that helps develop students abilities and guide them in discovering and pursuing their interests in an encouraging environment. I’ve been in Montessori my whole life, although this is my last year as a Montessori student, and it’s benefited greatly, and I’ve definitely been continuously prepared for later life.

Childhood Photo of Narissa Carthy-DundasWhat is your favorite Childpeace memory?

For the terrace, I have to say our graduation ceremony, which was a tea party with the residents of the building. The practice was always so fun, and the real thing was just as delightful if not more. I had tea with a woman named Gertie, who I had befriended earlier. I was able to visit her a few times after the fact, although she passed away a couple of years ago when I was in the 6th grade.

What do you miss about Childpeace?

I mainly miss the people, my friends especially, but the teachers as well. So I suppose you could say the community or the community aspect. I do miss a lot of the classes too, particularly the format. I have a new appreciation for civics since they don’t have that at my current school, and it probably won’t be available for the rest of my education, despite its vitality.

Financial Results

Charts of Financial Results

Our Community

Heat Map of School Families

Our community is boundless and growing every year. Each year, we send new students (and their families) out into the greater world to learn and grow and positively change the world. Our families come to us from all over the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area and beyond. We hope that when they move on, they continue to share their knowledge and wisdom wherever they end up. This map ilustrates our community density in 2016-17 based on where they lived.

4067 Volunteer Hours

Large Group of Smiling Students at Camp

We thank the hundreds of parents, grandparents, community members and students who contributed their time and talents serving Childpeace in 2016-17.

Volunteering benefits us all in so many ways. It’s part of what brings the Childpeace community together, helps to offset the general operating costs of the school, gives parents insight into their child’s experience and makes the school a vibrant, exciting and supportive place for the children in attendance.

4067 is the total number of reported volunteer hours for 2016-17.


$324,814 Contributed

Smiling Students Cheering at the Art Run

Every year, donations to Childpeace make the difference between a good staff and a truly gifted staff, between a basic Montessori program and a truly authentic and complete Montessori education and between an adequate learning environment and one that reaches out to the possibilities of each child.

We are proud to say that our fundraising results exceeded expectations for the fiscal year. In 2016-17, the Childpeace community contributed $324,814 to our efforts. None of these achievements would be possible if not for the efforts of our outstanding group of volunteers and for the generous donations of our community members. We applaud all those who made this last year so successful.


July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Childpeace Annual Appeal Logo

Annual Appeal Donors

In 2016-17, Annual Appeal donors contributed unrestricted gifts and restricted funds for scholarships and for our middle school program.

Leadership Circle

Jennifer & Don Arancibia
Jennifer & Barry Bradie
Joe Cole & Liz Verner-Cole
Steve Cooney & Renee James
Lee & Emily Davis Dthree Productions, Inc.
Shir & Laurence Grisanti
Speros Homer & Katie Reich
Benjamin & Emily Ip
Alex Jenkins & Chandra Oleksiewicz
Arrow & Jessica Kruse
Rob Lee & Tamra Dereiko
Bill & Jennifer Lynch
Stephen & Mary Marsh
Marisa Kula Mercer & James Mercer
Beth & Roy Notowitz
Patrick & Heidi O'Neill
Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Mobayen
Anton Pardini & Christiane Millinger
Scott Piscitello
Karl Rapfogel & Jane Anne Morton
Robb Rathe & Erin Moeschler
Ewan & Lauren Rose
Ulysses & Narda Sherman
Swinerton Builders
Jeremy & Eden Thiessen
Liz Tilbury
Elisa & Scott Wickstrom


Sara Adams
Allied Materials
Anonymous (14)
Jennifer and Don Arancibia
Pat and Jerry Carthy
Brad Bachulis and Jenny Tilson
Anya Bailis and Bernd Brandle
Zane Ball and Cara Lacy
Rory Banyard and Jenny Tufenkian
Brendan and Spitzi Barnicle
David Barton
Birch Family Fund
Pam Bishop
Michelle Bobowick and Chuck Veneklase
Sergio Bolanos and Tonya Lippert
Bolinger Family

Donors Continued

Tasha Bollermann and Joseph West
The Bonsalls
Jennifer and Barry Bradie
Gretchen Lawrence Bradley
Bright Funds
Brown Family
Allison Bryan and Nicolas Smith
Juan Bueno and Nadxieli Toledo
Patricia Burgess
Deanna Burger
Lisa Burkett and Jeff Yonover
The Burnettes
Melanie Busdon and Barrett Reiner
Cheron and Craig Calder
Terry Campos and Jim White
Stephanie and Eric Carlson
Alex and Caitlin Cecala
Bernard Chamberlain
Deanna Chang and Luke Olszewski
Barbara Charman
Lis Charman and Brad Trost
Anna Cho, Anthony Yun, & Tate Yun
Jennifer Coffman and Todd Eisenberg
Joseph Cole and Elizabeth Verner-Cole
Rebecca and Dustin Combs
Erin and David Cook
Steve Cooney and Renee James
Dawn Cowan and Ian Fabik
Julie Ryles-Crimin and Josh Crimin
Nancy M Curtin
Matt Curtis and Anne Nichols
Kris and Courtney Dausz
Lee Davis and Emily Nicholson
Madeleine Vanstory and Thomas Day
Dan de Vriend
Mark Deggeller and Amara Holstein
Michelle de Greeve and Jacob Sullivan
Kevin, Pam, and Noah Demer
Tamra Dereiko and Rob Lee
Sarah Dervan and Jeff Olson
John Dieter/Suzanne Hallerman
Jeanne and Simon Dietsch
Britta Diettrich and Jim Kennett
Denise Dodge
Teresa Dooling
Stephen and Tanya Doubleday
Robyn and Andrew Downs
Kyleen and John Dwight
Sierra Enright
Jonathan Erickson and Allison Astrella
Amy Eshelby
Estelle Imports

Donors Continued

Carolyn Faulkner
Lisa Ferreira and Jon Held
David and Shawn Filippi
Mollyanne and Patrick Fleming
Jane and Jeffrey Foerster
Colin Fogarty and Stephanie Wiant
Jennifer and Darryl Fowler
Bruce Frederick
Lindsay and Rory Fuerst
Kevin Fuller
Kimberly and Joshua Gardner
Teri and Christopher Gelber
Lori Geller
Amanda Donigan Gibbs
Ivy Gibson and Joe FitzPatrick
Ralph and Cynthia Gilliam
Darren and Dina Glassman
Anita Goel
Faith and Michael Graham
Angel Gray and Eric Weeks
Green Gables Design and Restoration, Inc.
Shir and Laurence Grisanti
Susan, Paul, and Max Harris
Kimberly Hartson and Stephen Ridley
Aimee and Josiah Henley
Speros Homer and Katie Reich
Jay and America Hopson
Erika Huffman
Mackenzie and Alex Hughes
Melissa Hurley and Michael Davis
Neil and Karen Hutchinson
Ben and Emily Ip
Wendy and Gary Jackson
The Jamison Family
Jannotta Rothenberg Family
Richard Matt Jenkins
Jennifer Dannenfelser Mindguide Learning, LLC
Whitford and Carol Johnson
Laura Johnson
Nicole Johnson and Marc Torrey
Oanh and Jim Jordan
A.B. and Mary Jordan
Noriyuki and Takayo Kadota
Caroline and Aaron Kahn
Edith and Sean Kahrhoff
Kaiser Foundation
Claire and Bradley Kalbaugh
Sheena and Raman Kansal
Christopher and Margaretta Keefer
Pam Kelley-Dockter and Paul Dockter
Dr. Karen Kelsall and Gerald Kennedy
Havlin, Dorothy, Eleanora, and Phoebe Kemp

Donors Continued

Nick and Dina Khoury
Thomas and Lauren Kilbane
Molly and Jung Kim
Heather and Randy Koch
Arrow and Jessica Kruse
Sara and Ed Kurtz
Darcy and TJ Lambert
Kate Landen and Christy Finch
Ilse Larson and Tommy Dewland
Natalie Lauritsen
Greg and Jennifer Lawrence
Benjamin and Erin LeBlanc
Francis Lee and Kaoru Ogihara Lee
Rena Lev-Bass
Karl and Brandi Lisle
Marie Lo and Valdez Bravo
Joseph Lore
Moira and Paul Losch
Jennifer and Bill Lynch
Jennifer Lyons
Susan Harris MacKay and Bob MacKay
Riel Manriquez
Karen Marrongelle and Brian Hopkins
Mary and Stephen Marsh
Mary and Oscar Mayer
Kimberly McAlear and Mitch Plaat
Nikki McConnell
James McDermott and Nancy Coronado
Albert McDonnell and Maren Thomas
Kevin and Erin McGovney
Sara Barlow-McLaughlin and Eunan McLaughlin
Ursula Melvin and Charles Carroll
The Mercers
Joy Cohen Meyers and Jim Meyers
Anita Misra-Press and Rick Press
Farzaneh Mobayen and Bruce Palmer
Erin Moeschler and Robb Rathe
Jamie and George Mollas
Noelle Montano and Michael Jackson
Susan Mortimer
Aya Morton and Marco Materazzi
Sharie Juckeland Moss and James P Moss
Maryam Moussaoui
Dondee Murray and Michael Ceriello
Hrag Nassanian and Narnia Wiborg
News Corp
Hieu and Analyn Nguyen
John and Ann Nicholas
Jeff and Susan Nordstrom

Donors Continued

Byron and Channon Norris
Beth and Roy Notowitz
Alessandra and Mark Novak
Rachel and Michael Novak
Patrick and Heidi O'Neill
Kimberly Oda
Chandra Oleksiewicz and Alex Jenkins
Emily and Josh Oliva
Melissa Oliver-Janiak and Donald Oliver
Patricia Oriti and David Gaffney
Oscar Harrison Mayer Fund
Maia, Emre, and Olivia Ozguc
Swan Paik
Eric Paine
Yoona Park and Tom Johnson
Eric Park and Grace Lee-Park
Abigail and Andrew Paul
Kathy and Brian Paxton
Christopher and Christine Peabody
Sean and Meredith Penrith
Julia Peteet and Andrew Solomon
The Petrarca/Muldrow Family
Nathaniel and Grace Potts
Josh and Kathy Prewitt
Sue Pritzker
Kristin Pugmire
Allyson and Tim Purcell
John and Caryn Urata
Paul Ribbing and Stephanie Houston
Chris and Julie Richards
Tom and Deniece Richards
Family Roan
Eve Roberts
Rose Rodgers and A.J. Ralston
Lauren and Ewan Rose
Gayatri and Manoj Sastry
Melanie and Adam Schalock
Rebecca and David Schroeder
Amy Schulties and Eliot Wajskol
Elizabeth and Tim Schwarz
Sarah and Stephen Schwarz
Seidman Family
Marie Selby and Tim Johnson
Dan and Deborah Self
Lisa and James Selman
Jennifer and James Shannon
Sheep Meadow Foundation
Ulysses and Narda Sherman
Liling and John Sherry
Rob and Rachel Shields

Donors Continued

James and Anastasia Shulevitz
Jenny Siebenaler
Joe Simmons and Cloie Cohen
Eric and Sophia Skaar
Tricia and Charles Smith
Jan and Douglas Smith
Gary and Jeanne Snyder
Stacy and Witbeck, Inc
Nicholas Stocco and Emily McKenna
Juliet Stumpf and Eric Miller
Christopher and Mireille Suarez
Sunshine State Advertising/Geoff and Anna Karlsson-Rogers
Nina Sutter and Brent Carpenter
Carol Suzuki
Sally and Luke Tansill
The Standard
Jeremy and Eden Thiessen
Kevin and Jeanette Thomas
Margaret Tilbury
Liz Tilbury
Misty and Derek Tompoles
Jeffrey and Sona Tufenkian
Wind and Hattie Valdez
Liz Valentine and Oliver Brennan
Virginia Vanstory
Paulina Vidal-Herrera
An and Melissa Vu
Zoey and Jeffrey Wagner
Jeremy and Mianca Wakefield
Rhianna and Thomas Walton
David and Hilary Wang
Jim Watkins and Arthur Hung
Nathan and Kate Webb
Amy Weinstein
Brooke Wells and Ryan Bledsoe
Jess and Andrea Wetsel
James and Merri Baehr Whipps
Elisa and Scott Wickstrom
Paul and Leah Williams
Daniel and Anna Wilson
Deborah and Damian Wise
Craig Wollen and Cari Coyer
Monica Wright
Savonn Wyland and Brian Staab
The Yasuharas
Darren Yee
John and Carol Zamba
Ed and Venus Zaron
Claire and Edin Zulich

Alumni Legacy Fund

Launched at the close of the 2014-15 school year, graduating families were presented with the option of turning their (perhaps forgotten) program deposit, or a portion thereof, into a charitable gift to fund scholarships.


Swan Paik
Stephanie and Eric Carlson
Heather and Randy Koch
Jacqueline and Nick Rothenberg
Ulysses and Narda Sherman
Julie and David Wheeler

1976 Theme Fundraiser Groups Mingling

Spring Fundraiser

Sponsors and Advertisers

AirTreks International
Bogs Footwear
Boke Bowl
Closet Factory
Connective DX
Dthree Productions, Inc.
Expert Auto Repair
Green Gables Design and Restoration
Hennebery Eddy Architects
Hollywood Children's Dentistry
Speros Homer & Katie Reich
James Dixon Architect PC
K1 Investment Management, LLC
Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.
Leonard Adams Insurance
Bill & Jenn Lynch
M. Thrailkill Architect, LLC
Mari Design
Steve & Mary Marsh
Mersereau Shannon LLP
Mt. Hood Meadows Resort
New Heights Physical Therapy Plus
Open Studio Collective
Robb Rathe & Erin Moeschler
Swinerton Builders
The Good
The Hostel Cafe
Liz Tilbury
Tropical Salvage
Turn Design
Western Wood Structures, Inc.
Scott & Elisa Wickstrom


Donavon and Jennifer Arancibia
Gabriel Barber
Jason Bolt and Thea von Geldern
Zach and Kelley Bonsall
Meghan Bours
Gretchen Bradley
Bernd Brandle and Anya Bailis
Valdez Bravo and Marie Lo
Kris Bugbee and Kelli Greenwald
Melanie Busdon and Barrett Reiner
Denise Bynoe
Cheron and Craig Calder
Katelyn Carmack
Brent Carpenter and Nina Sutter
Jason and Kara Chupp
Jamian Cobbett and Jacqueline Sella Cobbett
Cloie Cohen
Joe Cole and Elizabeth Verner-Cole
Kristen Connor
Steve Cooney and Renee James
Mary Costantino
Dawn Cowan and Ian Fabik
Matt Curtis and Anne Nichols
David C. Davies
Leland Davis and Emily Nicholson
Margaret Davis
Michael Davis and Melissa Hurley
Dan de Vriend and Tammy Lee
Molly and Bob Dearborn
Pip and Evan Denhart
Tommy Dewland and Ilse Larson
Paul Dockter and Pam Kelley-Dockter
Denise Dodge
Robyn and Andrew Downs
Matthew Drake

Donors Continued

Todd Eisenberg and Jenny Coffman
Susan Felstiner
Shawn and David Filippi
Gina and Dave Fleschner
Colin Fogarty and Stephanie Wiant
Darryl and Jennifer Fowler
Bruce and Kate Frederick
Paige Frederick
Abby Frederick and AJ Barnett
Lindsay and Rory Fuerst
Joshua and Kimberly Gardner
Lori Geller
Aaron Gilman
Jennifer Gossett
Laurence and Shir Grisanti
Byron Groves and Elke Kurtz
Ingrid Hagen-Keith
Sheila Hamilton
Aimee Henley
Greg Hoffman and Kirsten Brady
Speros Homer and Katie Reich
Brian Hopkins and Karen Marrongelle
Stephanie Houston and Paul Ribbing
Mary and Jim Hurley
Ben and Emily Ip
Wendy Jackson
James Dixon Architect PC
Alex Jenkins and Chandra Oleksiewicz
Charles Jenkins and Jim Dixon
Jim Kennett and Britta Diettrich
Carol Johnson
Tim Johnson and Marie Selby
James and Oanh Jordan
Mike and Sara Jordan
Anna Karlsson and Geoff Rogers
Geraldine Kemper

Donors Continued

Nick and Dina Khoury
Jung and Molly Kim
Arrow Kruse
Emily Kucha
Darcy and TJ Lambert
Kate Landen and Christy Finch
Greg and Jen Lawrence
Marena Lear
Francis Lee and Kaoru Ogihara Lee
Rob Lee and Tamra Dereiko
Rena Lev-Bass and Adam Boomer
Brandi and Karl Lisle
Paul and Moira Losch
Bill and Jenn Lynch
Jennifer Lyons and Anthony Bradvica
Laurel and Jon MacDonald
Sandra M. Marentette
Steve and Mary Marsh
James McDermott and Nancy Coronado
Ken and Deena McNeil
Ursula Melvin
James Mercer and Marisa Kula Mercer
Jim and Joy Meyers
Janet and Greg Moore
Dondee Murray and Michael Ceriello
Analyn Nguyen
Bruce Nguyen and Aliece Gearhart
Thao Nguyen
Nike Matching Gift
Beth and Roy Notowitz
Mark and Alessandra Novak
Patrick and Heidi O'Neill
Kimberly Oda and Eddie Frager

Donors Continuted

Josh and Emily Oliva
Jeff Olson and Sarah Dervan
Maia and Emre Ozguc
Bruce Palmer and Farzaneh Mobayen
Anton Pardini and Christiane Millinger
Yoona Park and Tom Johnson
Abigail and Andrew Paul
Meredith and Sean Penrith
Joshua Peterson
Raymond Peterson and Lynn Fontana
James Phelps
Sue Pritzker
Karl Rapfogel and Jane Anne Morton
Robb Rathe and Erin Moeschler
Tim Reed and Jessica Parman
Donald and Bretta Ribbing
Chris and Julie Richards
Tim Roan and Vicki Lattimer Roan
Rose Rodgers and AJ Ralston
Lauren and Ewan Rose
Brandon Ross
Nick and Jacqueline Rothenberg
Jennifer Rotter
Chris Rozell
Becca Sachs
Aura Sagner
Tad Savinar
Katrina and Michael Scotto di Carlo
Kristen and Brian Seidman
Deborah and Dan Self
Jenny Siebenaler
William and Sandra Silva
Eric and Sophia Skaar

Donors Continued

Tricia and Charles Smith
Norma and Andy Steiner
Sally and Luke Tansill
Jeremy and Eden Thiessen
Maren Thomas and Albert McDonnell
Marcia Thomas
Michael Thrailkill and Laura Berrutti
Liz Tilbury
Margaret Tilbury
Misty and Derek Tompoles
Marc Torrey and Nicole Johnson
Brad Trost and Lis Charman
Paulina Vidal-Herrera
Hilary and David Wang
Cameron Warren and Ramya Fernando
Joshua Weinstein and Elizabeth Reuthling
Amanda Wells
Brittany West
Jimmy Whipps and Merri Baehr Whipps
Jim White and Terry Campos
Karen White
Scott and Elisa Wickstrom
Janet Williamson
Tommy Yasuhara
Anthony Yun and Anna Cho
Venus and Ed Zaron
Claire and Edin Zulich


Childpeace Montessori has made every effort to check the accuracy of the information in this report. Acknowledgement lists include gifts received and names appear as requested on donation materials or in official school materials. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions that have escaped our scrutiny. Childpeace values every contribution and greatly appreciates your support.