Childpeace Volunteer Collective


The Childpeace Volunteer Collective is devoted to building and supporting a culture of volunteerism, cultivating connections and a strong community. Volunteering at Childpeace is one way for you as a parent to model social responsibility. 


CVC’s mission is to foster an informed, engaged and wide-ranging community while supporting the needs of the Childpeace. CVC strives to acknowledge the personal demands and limiting work schedules of our community’s parents. CVC also seeks to draw out our parents' many talents and special skills while aligning our interests with the school's needs for support.

Volunteer Expectation

We are eager to welcome you to a new school year! Your energy, enthusiasm and support for Childpeace can make a wonderful year for all, but especially for your child(ren). Each family is asked to contribute 8 hours (10 for two children), particularly in support of fundraising, classroom endeavors and community-building. A $20 per hour payment is charged in June if the minimum volunteer expectation is not met. While we will do our best to track the volunteer efforts of our parents, it remains your responsibility to be sure they are recorded and counted towards your family’s yearly expectation. You’ll receive up to date totals periodically throughout the year so you can verify.

Volunteer sign-ups are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We will send out notices as new opportunities become available throughout the school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for volunteer opportunities?

Primarily, volunteers will be scheduled through Sign Up Genius. For tasks like elementary camp chaperones, guides will solicit volunteers directly.

How do I access Sign Up Genius?

After an initial launch by email, links to the volunteer sign ups will be sent by your child’s guide, included in our weekly emails, shared by room reps, etc.

How do I get credit for my hours?

If you sign up through Sign Up Genius, your hours will be automatically credited. If you attend a parent education event, sign in when you arrive and your hours will be entered. For year-long roles like Board Trustees or Room Reps, we take care of the reporting. Like-wise for camp chaperones. If you volunteer as a Going Out Chaperone, we’ll need you to report your hours through our handy form available through weekly emails. Or if you end up doing more hours than are indicated through Sign Up Genius, report your extra hours through the form. When in doubt, you are always welcome to email the Volunteer Coordinator.

How do I know how many hours I get for a job?

It depends. Yearlong roles such as Room Reps get their required hours covered for the year. Other jobs get the actual time you volunteered. For example, if you chaperone a Going Out, you will get each hour (rounded up to the nearest half hour) actually volunteered credited to you. Some tasks like Pet Care, are given a cap amount of hours (4 hours max for Spring Break, for example). Sign Up Genius indicates the amount of hours earned for each job.

How can I check how many hours I’ve completed?

The Volunteer Coordinator will send out this information periodically throughout the year. Typically, we will try to keep up to date in recording hours, so you are also welcome to email the Volunteer Coordinator.

Do attending Parent Education events count towards my hours?

Yes! You receive volunteer hours for parent education events. You will receive the amount of time of the actual event per family. Silent Journey earns 8 hours per person attending. In most cases, these hours will be automatically entered for you.

What DOESN’T count for volunteer hours?

Most contributions of time to our community will count. However, we do not give hours in exchange for donations (in kind, or monetary). Optional signups for getting flowers for the classroom (for example), do not count. However, if the guide asks for volunteers to take books back to the library that time would count. Again, when in doubt, feel free to email the Volunteer Coordinator.

Can I do hours over the summer?

Yes, but you’ll need to confirm in advance with the Volunteer Coordinator (CVC Chair). In some cases, you can “pre-report” hours for the current year that you’ll do over the summer. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to be clear for which school year the hours apply. Example jobs include helping the guide set up the classroom, summer garden care, summer pet care, etc. The hours would typically apply to the UPCOMING school year, unless you have arranged with the Volunteer Coordinator that you will complete your volunteer hours for the current school year over the summer (after the school year ends). Summer jobs are rare, however, so please do not count on completing your hours over the summer.

Can my child contribute to my family’s hours? How about a grandparent?

Child hours: Yes for our middle school families. Your Metro Montessori child may volunteer for jobs which will apply to your family’s hours. For all other students, your child typically cannot contribute. For example: if you and your child attends the Oregon Food Bank day, only the parent’s hours count. Grandparents: Yes! If a grandparent or close relative contributes to our community, you may count those hours towards your family’s total.

When do I have to complete my hours? What if I don’t complete my hours?

All volunteer hours must be reported by the middle of May to avoid billing. If you have made arrangements to do specific hours over the summer, you may get credit for those – just confirm with the Volunteer Coordinator by May. You will be billed $20 per unfulfilled hour. The charge will be on your June statement and cannot be reversed once the statements go out. Thus, it’s important to report all your hours by the middle of May.

Questions? Email the Volunteer Coordinator anytime!

Our Mission

To guide the development of the whole child, socially and academically, through the principles of AMI Montessori education in an urban setting.