Tuition, Fees and Deposits 2016-17

Registration Fee
A non-refundable, one-time registration deposit of $350 will be due once your child is guaranteed placement in our program.

Program Deposit
A Program Deposit is due May 1st for new children. This deposit is returned at the end of the age-range of the program (when ready to transition to 1st grade from CH, to 4th grade from Lower Elementary and to 7th grade from Upper Elementary). There is no Program Deposit for the Toddler Community. 

  • CH/TT $800
  • EL $1,100
  • MMM $1,400 

Building Reserve Fee
Newly-enrolling families pay a Building Reserve Fee of $800 during their first year at Childpeace to support the long-term care of our building (new families at the MMM level pay a Building Fee of $285). It may be paid in one, two, or ten installments according to your tuition payment schedule. This fee is for children attending at the NW campus and does not apply to The Terrace classroom.

Volunteer Expectation
Parent volunteerism is critical to the success of our school, both physically and in building a sense of community. Every family is expected to contribute their talents and time to fundraising, community or classroom endeavors with a minimum of 12 hours (15 hours if more than one child is enrolled). A per-hour payment of $20/hour is charged at the end of the school year for families who have not reached this minimum level. The school makes every effort to connect families to volunteer work that fits their interests and abilities, and our goal is that no one uses the payment option.

Sibling Discount 
-$250.00 per year for the oldest child  A discount for families with two or more children at Childpeace.

Drop-in Care 
$10 per hour billed by the half-hour.

After Closing 
$20 per quarter hour

Extra hours are only accommodated when space is available and approved.

Facts Tuition Management

Upon enrollment, tuition and fees are processed by FACTS Management on behalf of Childpeace. This online tuition service will include a per-family fee of $20 for 1 and 2 installments or $50 for 10 installments. Payment options will be selected by families on the FACTS website. Please click on the FACTS logo to setup your payment plan or to view and manage your account.

Toddler Community (TC)

15 to 36 months

3/4 Day (8:30-2:45) 
$1,510 per month

After School Care 
(add on 2:45-5:45) 
$330 per month

Early Morning Care 
(add on 7:30-8:30) 
$145 per month

Children's House (CH)

3 to 6 years

Half Day (8:30-1:00) 
$9,600 per school year

3/4 Day (8:30 -3:00)
$11,250 per school year

Full Day (add on 3:00 - 5:45) 
$285 per month

Early Morning Care 
(add on 7:30 - 8:30)
$135 per month

The Terrace (TT)

3 to 6 years

Half Day (8:30 -12:45) 
$8,650 per school year

3/4 Day (8:30 -3:00) 
$10,400 per school year

Early Morning Care 
(add on 7:30 - 8:30)
$135 per month

Note: There is no care past 3:00 at our Terrace location.

Elementary (EL)

6 to 12 years

School Day (8:30-3:15)
$12,100 per school year

After School Care 
(add on 3:15-5:45) 
$57 per month for each weekday (M-F)

Early Morning Care 
(add on 7:30 -8:30) 
$27 per month for each weekday (M-F)

Metro Montessori Middle (MMM)

12 to 15 years

School Day (8:30 - 3:30) 
$15,500 per school year

Tuition and Fees include costs for daily classroom materials and textbooks, the September Odyssey trip and additional Spring trip, field trips, specialist fees, and public transportation used during school hours (in addition to staffing, location, and curriculum.

Program Deposit
A program deposit of $1400 is due with Enrollment Confirmation paperwork in order to hold your space. This deposit will roll forward to next year's deposit if your student will continue at MMM, or be refunded if your student is moving on to high school.

Students are responsible for providing their own school supplies (a list is provided in August) and are expected to have access to a computer for word processing and research.