2014-15 Annual Report

Fiscal year ending June 30, 2015

Annual Report Message

The 2014-15 school year saw continued stability throughout the school and great growth and development in Metro Montessori Middle School. The school’s strength is a result of a strong and cooperative relationship between the Board of Trustees and the Administrative staff, merging operational and strategic needs.

Program highlights for the 2014-15 fiscal year include Metro Montessori Middle School’s enrollment reaching the highest level in its five-year history. At the close of the school year, projections were at 40 students for the 2015-16 school year. Participation in the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) was completed this year and Childpeace attained 4-star school status. We expect to reach the highest 5-star status in May 2016. This process included the expansion of staff training and creation of professional development plans for all staff. Childpeace was able to retain its Montessori Guides (head teachers) in all classes for the coming year. A salary review for support staff resulted in increased salaries for all assistants. Work continued on the installation of an Energy Tracking System in the school, which was funded by an auction special appeal and subsidized by the Energy Trust of Oregon. Eventually this system will include a computer program and kiosk for students to access data about daily energy use and serve as incentive for students to conserve while at school.

2014-15 was an active year for the Childpeace Board of Trustees. Commitment to begin the refinance of the school’s bond began with the formation of a Task Force to complete the work. The Board focused on preliminary work for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and by year's end had adopted goals for the continuation of the work, which would include staff participation. The hiring of a Development Specialist, Gretchen Bradley, was followed with the first efforts to cultivate strong donor relations. The Gratitude Committee was designed in an effort to honor and support the work of all Childpeace employees.

The Childpeace administrative staff worked on operational improvements during the year: a website update, formation of a Communications Committee, alumni outreach, expanded parent education options and assessment to prioritize most effective efforts, analysis and improvement in the hiring process and human resources support and presentation of updated goals for after-school programming.

Childpeace repeated its rankings in the top 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon (ranking in the top 10 among large organizations) and remained on the list of 100 Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon.

The Childpeace Board of Trustees once again engaged Gary McGee & Co. to perform a financial audit for the school. With diligent and meticulous financial systems in place, all were pleased when the school received another unmodified opinion of our financial records, the highest rating offered for a financial audit.

As the fiscal year ended, the Childpeace administration looked forward to a construction-free summer, when focus would shift to program, development and strategic projects.

The Board and Administration are proud to share this Annual Report with you.

Warmest regards,
Sue Pritzker & David Filippi

Sue Pritzker
Head of School

David Filippi
Board President

Board of Trustees and Advisors 2014-15

David Filippi

Vice Chair
Bill Lynch

Karin Mohtadi

Nancy Davis
Chandra Emery
Janet Moore
Sharie Moss
Mitch Plaat
Katie Reich
Sarah Schwarz
Rachel Shields
Jeremy Thiessen

Bernd Brandle
Erin LeBlanc
Ulysses Sherman
Elisa Wickstrom

61 Regular Staff Members


The quality of staff at Childpeace is the foundation for the school’s success. Childpeace Guides and assistants are selected for their professional talents and their constant and loving concern for the children in their charge.

The trained Montessori Guide is an artful organizer of experiences for the child to discover, process and practice. Constant and ongoing observation by the Guide is the foundation of the Montessori program. All Childpeace Guides are fully trained and certified through the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

Most of our Guides hold Masters degrees in education. In addition, elementary and middle school students have access to specialists in many fields including Spanish language, nutrition, physical education and arts education.

During the 2014-15 school year, Childpeace employed 61 regular staff members.

$61,368 Awarded to 21 Students

Financial Assistance to Families

In 2014-15, a total of $61,368 was awarded to 21 students through the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), the Tuition Assistance Fund (TAF) and Short-Term Assistance (STA).


24% Increase in Enrollment

Metro Montessori Middle

The 2014-15 school year marked the sixth anniversary for Metro Montessori Middle (MMM).

The program saw a 24% increase in enrollment, serving 36 students, 7 of whom joined from other Montessori, public and private schools.

MMM was founded as a response to parents’ requests for continued Montessori education beyond 6th grade in the Portland area. The students utilize a rich urban environment with access to transportation, libraries and other resources for their educational needs. This environment offers the opportunity for MMM students to explore the world outside the classroom, exercise independence and creativity and develop a sense of responsibility to humanity.

They begin their journey into adulthood in this smaller social environment with a closer teacher-to-student ratio, working alongside adults who are truly passionate about their work with adolescents. Our program successfully prepared another batch of students for competitive high school programs, both public and private, where they are excelling.

Childpeace has begun plans to acquire the Metro Montessori Middle property with a 2016 refinance of its tax-exempt bond.

Financial Results

3,835 Volunteer Hours


We thank the hundreds of parents, grandparents, community members and students who contributed their time and talents serving Childpeace in 2014-15.

Volunteering benefits us all in so many ways. It’s part of what brings the Childpeace community together, helps to offset the general operating costs of the school, gives parents insight into their child’s experience and makes the school a vibrant, exciting and supportive place for the children in attendance.

3,835 is the total number of reported volunteer "colony" hours for 2014-15.

3,012 is the total number of required "colony" hours, giving us an additional 823 hours.

$217,166 Contributed


Every year, donations to Childpeace make the difference between a good staff and a truly gifted staff, between a basic Montessori program and a truly authentic and complete Montessori education and between an adequate learning environment and one that reaches out to the possibilities of each child.

We are proud to say that our fundraising goals exceeded expectations for the fiscal year. In 2014-15, the Childpeace community contributed $217,166 to our efforts. None of these achievements would be possible if not for the efforts of our outstanding group of volunteers and for the generous donations of our community members. We applaud all those who made this last year so successful.


July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

Annual Appeal Donors

In 2014-15, Annual Appeal donors contributed unrestricted gifts and restricted funds for scholarships and for Metro Montessori Middle School.

Leadership Circle

  • Anonymous
  • Bollermann/West Family
  • Jennifer and Barry Bradie
  • Oliver Brennan and Liz Valentine
  • The Celko Family
  • Renee and Steve Cooney
  • Nancy and Jason Davis
  • David and Shawn Filippi
  • Ben and Emily Ip
  • Caroline and Aaron Kahn
  • Sav and Kenneth Kim
  • Benjamin and Erin LeBlanc
  • Rob Lee and Tamra Dereiko
  • Bill and Jenn Lynch
  • Steve and Mary Marsh
  • Oscar and Mary Mayer
  • Erin Moeschler and Robb Rathe
  • Gilbert Neiger and Lisa Karplus
  • Nike Matching Gift
  • Mark and Alessandra Novak
  • Bruce Palmer and Farzaneh Mobayen
  • Rebecca and David Schroeder
  • Fred and Carol Schwarz
  • Sarah and Stephen Schwarz
  • Narda and Ulysses Sherman
  • In Memory of Devorah and Saul Sherman
  • Kevin and Jeanette Thomas
  • Gina Warren
  • Jim Watkins and Arthur Hung
  • Elisa and Scott Wickstrom


  • Sara Adams and Greg Petrovic
  • The Alfreys
  • Anonymous (21)
  • Rory Banyard and Jenny Tufenkian
  • Sara Barlow and Eunan McLaughlin
  • Katrina Bell
  • Ken Benderly
  • Jessica Bickford
  • Birch Family Fund
  • Pam Bishop
  • January Amspacher and Jeremy Bittermann
  • Brooke Wells and Ryan Bledsoe
  • The Bottinelli and Frasca Family
  • Gretchen Bradley
  • Anya Bailis and Bernd Brandle
  • Valdez Bravo and Marie Lo
  • Geoffrey and Meredith Brown
  • Deanna Burger
  • Patricia Burgess
  • Brooke and Kevin Burnett
  • Melanie Busdon and Barrett Reiner
  • Cheron and Craig Calder
  • Ursula Melvin and Charles Carroll
  • Judy and Scott Carruthers
  • Noraleigh Carthy and Noah Dundas
  • Pat and Jerry Carthy
  • Kevin and Beth Cavenaugh
  • Aukjen Ingraham and Bernard Chamberlain
  • Steve and Mary Chapin
  • Barbara Charman
  • Joanne Giggey-Cherian and Danny Cherian
  • William and Sarah Clark
  • Jacqueline Sella Cobbett and Jamian Cobbett
  • Russell B. Cohen, Esq.
  • Joseph Cole and Elizabeth Verner-Cole
  • Con-Way Matching Gift
  • Johnna Wells-Conger and Scott Conger
  • Josh and Julie Crimin
  • Matt Curtis and Anne Nichols
  • Kris and Courtney Dausz
  • Davis-Nicholson Family
  • Dan de Vriend
  • John Dieter and Suzanne Hallerman
  • Diettrich-Kennett Family
  • Matthew B. Drake

Donors Continued

  • The Drake Brothers
  • Zachary Dunham
  • Jennifer Coffman and Todd Eisenberg
  • Jonathan Erickson and Allison Astrella
  • Amy Eshelby
  • Dawn Cowan and Ian Fabik
  • Mollyanne and Patrick Fleming
  • Gina and Dave Fleschner
  • Colin Fogarty and Stephanie Wiant
  • Lindsay and Rory Fuerst
  • Kevin Fuller
  • Kim and Greg Geist
  • Lisa Silbert and Robert Geistwhite
  • Teri and Christopher Gelber
  • Lori Geller
  • Vasilios and Emily Gletsos
  • Faith Graham
  • Michael Graham
  • Susan and Chris Gray
  • John and Jennifer Greco
  • Shir and Laurence Grisanti
  • Laura and Ben Hall
  • Paul and Susan Harris
  • Lisa Ferreira and Jon Held
  • Hlavacka Family
  • Holstein/Deggeller Family
  • Speros Homer and Katie Reich
  • Karen Marrongelle and Brian Hopkins
  • Jay and America Hopson
  • Andrew Hoyer and Gwen Busby
  • Alex and Mackenzie Hughes
  • Joseph and Shar Hunter
  • Intel Matching Gift (2)
  • Wendy and Gary Jackson
  • Michael Jackson and Noelle Montano
  • Sofia and Brian Jamison
  • The Jannotta Rothenberg Family
  • Donald Jans
  • Nathan and Tina Jeffers
  • Carol and Whitford Johnson
  • Yoona Park and Tom Johnson
  • Laura Johnson
  • Emily Patterson Jones and Eric Jones
  • Sheena and Raman Kansal
  • Kysa and David Kelleher
  • Christen Kelly


Donors Continued

  • Havlin, Dorothy, Eleanora, and Phoebe Kemp
  • Alyson and Scott Kempton
  • Ann Kendellen
  • Dr. Gerald Kennedy and Dr. Karen Kelsall
  • Scott and Emily Ketterman
  • Nick and Dina Khoury
  • Kilbane Family
  • Stephanie Kjar
  • Heather and Randy Koch
  • June Yu Lam
  • Lang Family
  • John and Vickie Lattimer
  • Katherine Lattimer and Joshua Ryneal
  • Greg and Jennifer Lawrence
  • Kaoru Ogihara Lee and Francis Lee
  • Rena Lev-Bass
  • Karl and Brandi Lisle
  • Regan and Maria Look
  • Stephanie and Joseph Lore
  • Jennifer Lyons
  • Chris and Izabela Maciolek
  • Susan Harris MacKay and Bob MacKay
  • Maura Mahon and Dan Kelley
  • Erica Kessler and Michael Mankowski
  • Mari Design, Inc.
  • Kevin and Yuki Martin
  • Joe Maser and Marsha Lipets-Maser
  • Aya Morton and Marco Materazzi
  • Nathan McBee and Qi Wang
  • James McDermott and Nancy Coronado
  • Karin Immergut and Jim McDermott
  • Dayna McErlean
  • Julie and Scott McGee
  • The Mercers
  • Joy Cohen Meyers and Jim Meyers
  • Sarah Meyers
  • Kourosh and Karin Mohtadi
  • Janet and Greg Moore
  • Susan Mortimer
  • Sharie Juckeland Moss and James P. Moss
  • Julee Bean and Dylan Moxness
  • Dondee Murray and Michael Ceriello
  • Hrag Nassanian and Narnia Wiborg
  • Jamie and James Newell
  • Hieu and Analyn Nguyen

Donors Continued

  • Andrea and Jason Nicholas
  • John and Ann Nicholas
  • Erika Huffman and Eirik Nielsen
  • Nike Matching Gift (3)
  • Jeff and Susan Nordstrom
  • Noto Group
  • Beth and Roy Notowitz
  • Rachel and Michael Novak
  • Abby Tibbs and Kenji Nozaki
  • Eli and Timothy O’Brien
  • Amy O’Neill and Larry Staver
  • Rachel Ostroy
  • Ozguc Family
  • In Honor of Swan Paik
  • Swan Paik
  • Christiane Millinger and Anton Pardini
  • Abigail and Andrew Paul
  • The Peabody Family
  • Percic Family
  • Kimberly McAlear and Mitch Plaat
  • Post-Holmberg Family
  • Leslie Powers and Colleen McCormack
  • Anita Misra-Press and Richard Press
  • Josh and Kathy Prewitt
  • Tassie Pringle
  • Sue Pritzker
  • Allyson and Tim Purcell
  • Karl Rapfogel and Jane Anne Morton
  • Chris Reavis
  • Paul Ribbing and Stephanie Houston
  • Chris and Julie Richards
  • Richmond Family
  • The Risch Family
  • Matt and Kristie Robley
  • Rose Rodgers and AJ Ralston
  • Lauren and Ewan Rose
  • Saeed Family
  • Melanie and Adam Schalock
  • Elizabeth and Tim Schwarz
  • Scotto di Carlo Family
  • Kristen and Brian Seidman
  • Dan and Deborah Self
  • Robert and Kia Selley
  • Sheep Meadow Foundation
  • Raghu and Maithili Shenoy
  • Rob and Rachel Shields
  • Jim and Anastasia Shulevitz

Donors Continued

  • Jenny Siebenaler
  • Joe Simmons and Cloie Cohen
  • Teresa and George Slaughter
  • Tricia and Charles Smith
  • Richard and Monika Soennichsen
  • Anita Iyenger and Raj Srinivasan
  • Stacy and Whitbeck Matching Gift
  • Ann Colonna and Bill Stephenson
  • Annie Stewart
  • Stocco/McKenna Family
  • Christopher and Mireille Suarez
  • Ruthe Taber
  • Sally and Luke Tansill
  • Michael and Peggy Taylor
  • Sarah Taylor and Leo Harris
  • Eden and Jeremy Thiessen
  • Marcia Thomas
  • Albert McDonnell and Maren Thomas
  • Misty and Derek Tompoles
  • Lis Charman and Brad Trost
  • Jeffrey and Sona Tufenkian
  • United Way
  • John and Caryn Urata
  • Craigan Usher and Carrie Milligan
  • Michelle Bobowick and Chuck Veneklase
  • Andrea and Louis Vintro
  • An and Melissa Vu
  • Zoey and Jeffrey Wagner
  • Amy Schulties and Eliot Wajskol
  • Nancy Walker and Peter Johnson
  • Chance Walte and Caitlyn Howell
  • David and Hilary Wang
  • Marta Weber
  • Tucker Weeks
  • Darcy West
  • Jimmy and Merri Baehr Whipps
  • In Honor of Bonnie Willey
  • Paul and Leah Williams
  • Matt and Paula Williams
  • Wilson Family
  • Deborah and Damian Wise
  • Drew Wise
  • Craig Wollen and Cari Coyer
  • Aleena and Aidan Yee
  • Darren Yee
  • Julie Smith and Alan Yoder
  • Ed and Venus Zaron

In Kind Donors

  • 2Be LLC
  • Benefit Auctions 360
  • David and Shawn Filippi
  • Hennebery Eddy Architects
  • Rob Lee and Tamra Dereiko
  • Perkins Coie
  • Walker Road Limited Partnership

Alumni Legacy Fund

Launched at the close of the 2014-15 school year, graduating families were presented with the option of turning their (perhaps forgotten) program deposit, or a portion thereof, into a charitable gift to fund scholarships.


  • Matthew and Whitney Alfrey
  • Oliver Brennan and Liz Valentine
  • Emily Patterson Jones and Eric Jones
  • Colleen McCormack and Leslie Powers
  • Narda and Ulysses Sherman

Mad Men

Spring Auction Event

Sponsors and Advertisers

Gold Sponsors

  • Hennebery Eddy Architects
  • Speros Homer & Katie Reich
  • Steve & Mary Marsh
  • Swinerton Builders
  • Jeremy & Eden Thiessen

Wine Sponsor

  • Aspen Capital

Silver Sponsors

  • Anonymous
  • Capital Pacific Bank
  • James and Marisa Mercer
  • Swift

After Party Sponsors

  • Rob Lee & Tamra Dereiko
  • Steelab

Event Sponsor

  • Hedgehog Tree Care, Inc.

Golden Ticket Sponsor

  • Kennedy Dental

Classroom Group Projects Sponsor

  • Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.

Silent Auction Sponsors

  • Chapin Family
  • Hollywood Children's Dentistry
  • Leonard Adams Insurance
  • Jeff Olson & Sarah Dervan
  • Overlook Tree Preservation
  • Vet to Pet


  • Aleda Fitness
  • Whitney & Matthew Alfrey
  • Andrea Nicholas Cakes
  • Don & Jennifer Arancibia
  • Alana & Craig Armstrong
  • Artslandia
  • Aspen Capital
  • Baker & Spice
  • Zane Ball & Cara Lacy
  • Bamboo Sushi
  • Blush Beauty Bar
  • Tanya Barham
  • Katie Bayer
  • Bella Stella
  • Benefit Auctions 360
  • Bergstrom Wines
  • Betsy & Iya
  • Jessica Bickford
  • Pam Bishop
  • BodyVox
  • Boke Bowl West
  • Bolt Fabric Boutique
  • Marcelo & Micia Bonta
  • Darren Bottinelli & Andrea Frasca
  • Jennifer & Barry Bradie
  • Gretchen Bradley
  • Bernd Brandle & Anya Bailis
  • Valdez Bravo & Marie Lo
  • Breken Kitchen
  • Oliver Brennan & Liz Valentine
  • Georganne Brennan & Jim Schrupp
  • Geoff & Meredith Brown
  • Kevin & Brooke Burnett
  • Melanie Busdon & Barrett Reiner
  • Nick Byers & Amy Perenchio
  • Denise Bynoe
  • Cheron & Craig Calder
  • Capital Pacific Bank
  • Brent Carpenter & Nina Sutter
  • Nate & Corinne Celko

Donors Continued

  • CENTRL Office
  • Bernard Chamberlain & Aukjen Ingraham
  • Suong Chao
  • Chapin Family
  • Joanne & Danny Cherian
  • Child's Play Toys
  • Jason & Kara Chupp
  • Clogs-N-More
  • Jamian Cobbett & Jacqueline Sella Cobbett
  • Cloie Cohen
  • Russell Cohen
  • Steve Cooney and Renee James
  • Dawn Cowan & Ian Fabik
  • Crow and Salty Teacup at the Bridge
  • Matt Curtis & Anne Nichols
  • Darcelle XV Showplace
  • Frank Dausz & Kathi Duckworth
  • Leland Davis & Emily Nicholson
  • Shelly de Greeve & Jake Sullivan
  • Dan de Vriend
  • Tommy Dewland & Ilse Larson
  • Denise Dodge von Maur
  • Stephen & Tanya Doubleday
  • Downtown Self Storage-Solheim Paul, LLC
  • Earthquake Tech
  • Evan Egener & Jane Heaton
  • Egg Press
  • Emily & Ben Ip
  • Erika Huffman Photography
  • Amy Eshelby
  • Ever Green Farm
  • Steve & Leah Farrell
  • Shawn & David Filippi
  • Mollyanne & Patrick Fleming
  • Colin Fogarty & Stephanie Wiant
  • Forge and Fire
  • Bruce Frederick
  • Lindsay & Rory Fuerst
  • Furry Godmothers
  • Garnish Apparel
  • Michael Graham
  • Grand Central Baking Company

Donors Continued

  • Susan & Chris Gray
  • Green Gables Design and Restoration
  • Laurence & Shir Grisanti
  • Byron Groves & Elke Kurtz
  • Susan & Paul Harris
  • Hedgehog Tree Care, Inc.
  • Hennebery Eddy Architects
  • Hollywood Children's Dentistry
  • Speros Homer & Katie Reich
  • Jay & America Hopson
  • Jeff Horacek
  • Stephanie Houston
  • Andrew Hoyer & Gwen Busby
  • Erika Huffman
  • Alex & Mackenzie Hughes
  • Joe & Shar Hunter
  • Leonoor Ingraham-Swets
  • Mike Jackson & Noelle Montano
  • Wendy Jackson
  • Devin Jagoda
  • Sarah Janjua
  • Jim Kennett & Britta Diettrich
  • Carol Johnson
  • Laura Johnson
  • Emily & Eric Jones
  • Aaron & Caroline Kahn
  • Edie & Sean Kahrhoff
  • Claire & Bradley Kalbaugh
  • Shamir Karkal & America Grau
  • Kysa & David Kelleher
  • Christen Kelly
  • Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.
  • Karen Kelsall & Gerald Kennedy
  • Havlin & Dorothy Kemp
  • Alyson & Scott Kempton
  • Kennedy Dental
  • Erica Kessler, LMT
  • Nick & Dina Khoury
  • Lauren & Tom Kilbane
  • Kiva Tea Bar & Spa
  • Heather & Randy Koch

Donors Continued

  • June Yu Lam
  • Darcy & TJ Lambert
  • Greg & Jen Lawrence
  • Rob Lee & Tamra Dereiko
  • Leonard Adams Insurance
  • Rena Lev-Bass
  • Brandi & Karl Lisle
  • Lauren & Ryan Loosveldt
  • Stephanie & Joseph Lore
  • Lumberyard Bike Park
  • Bill & Jenn Lynch
  • Chuck & Georgene Lynch
  • Jennifer Lyons & Anthony Bradvica
  • Mabel & Zora
  • Izabela Maciolek
  • Erin MacLeod
  • Magnum Opus
  • Mako The Children's Shop
  • Steve & Mary Marsh
  • Yuki Martin
  • Marco Materazzi & Aya Morton
  • Nathan McBee & Qi Wang
  • James McDermott & Nancy Coronado
  • Dayna McErlean
  • Jon & Angela McGrew
  • McMenamins
  • Dick McPartland & Mary-Lynne Monroe
  • Ursula Melvin
  • James and Marisa Mercer
  • Jim & Joy Meyers
  • Mimosa Studios
  • Mink
  • Mississippi Pizza Pub
  • Kourosh & Karin Mohtadi
  • Janet & Greg Moore
  • Lindley & Corrine Morton
  • Matt & Courtaney Morton
  • Sharie & JP Moss
  • Mt. Hood Meadows
  • Dondee Murray & Michael Ceriello
  • Museum of Contemporay Craft
  • Laura Napruszewski

Donors Continued

  • New Renaissance Bookshop
  • New Seasons Market
  • Analyn Nguyen
  • Jackie Nguyen
  • Andrea & Jason Nicholas
  • Bob Niemack & Ann Hassett
  • Noah's Arf
  • Nonna
  • Jeff & Susan Nordstrom
  • Northwest Portland International Hostel
  • Northwest Children's Theater and School
  • Beth & Roy Notowitz
  • Daveen Novak
  • Mark & Alessandra Novak
  • Rachel & Michael Novak
  • Patrick & Heidi O'Neill
  • Kaoru Ogihara Lee & Francis Lee
  • Jeff Olson & Sarah Dervan
  • OMSI
  • Oregon Culinary Institute
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre
  • Oregon Symphony
  • OSO Market & Bar
  • Overlook Tree Preservation
  • Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Mobayen
  • Anton Pardini & Christiane Millinger
  • Yoona Park & Tom Johnson
  • Abigail & Andrew Paul
  • Brian & Kathy Paxton
  • Christine & Chris Peabody
  • Pearl Bakery
  • Pedal Bike Tours
  • Sharon Perkins
  • Pigtails and Pinwheels
  • Pink Martini
  • Scott Piscitello & Chandra Emery
  • Pizzicato Pizza
  • Por Que No Taqueria
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Portland Indoor Soccer
  • Portland Pearl Orthodontics
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Sarah & Jeffrey Post-Holmberg

Donors Continued

  • Pratt & Larson Tile
  • Tassie Pringle
  • Sue Pritzker
  • Allyson & Tim Purcell
  • Karl Rapfogel & Jane Anne Morton
  • Robb Rathe & Erin Moeschler
  • Rejuvenation, Inc.
  • Chris and Julie Richards
  • Patrick & Kristin Roach
  • Kristie & Matt Robley
  • Rose Rodgers & AJ Ralston
  • Lauren & Ewan Rose
  • Nick & Jacqueline Rothenberg
  • Chris Rozell
  • Ruddick/Wood
  • Ahson Saeed & Maryam Moussaoui
  • Melanie Schalock
  • Rebecca & David Schroeder
  • Steve and Sally Schroeder
  • Stephen & Sarah Schwarz
  • Katrina & Michael Scotto di Carlo
  • Kristen & Brian Seidman
  • Kia & Robert Selley
  • Ulysses & Narda Sherman
  • Liling Sherry
  • Rachel Shields
  • Anastasia & Jim Shulevitz
  • Jenny Siebenaler
  • Simpatica Dining Hall
  • Eveliina Sinisalo
  • Skin by Julene Renee
  • Michael Smith & Stephanie Murphy

Donors Continued

  • Smith Teamaker
  • Tricia & Charles Smith
  • Sniff Dog Hotel
  • Robert & Ann Sola
  • Andrew Solomon & Julia Peteet
  • Raj Srinivasan & Anita Iyenger
  • Steelab
  • Mark Stevenson
  • Annie & Cameron Stewart
  • Storr's Smokehouse
  • Campbell Salgado Studio
  • Swift
  • Swinerton Builders
  • T Project
  • Sally & Luke Tansill
  • Wendi Taylor
  • The Bar Method Portland
  • The Merry Kitchen
  • The Nines
  • Jeremy & Eden Thiessen
  • Claire Thile
  • Kevin & Jeanette Thomas
  • Judy Thomas
  • Maren Thomas & Albert McDonnell
  • Abby Tibbs & Kenji Nozaki
  • Liz Tilbury
  • Misty & Derek Tompoles
  • Wanderlust Tours
  • Tropical Salvage
  • Brad Trost & Lis Charman
  • Tufenkian Artisan Carpets
  • Dr. Jenny Tufenkian

Donors Continued

  • Suzanne Tufenkian
  • Sona Tufenkian
  • Tumbleweed Boutique
  • Marlene Turner
  • John & Caryn Urata
  • Mark & Judith Valen
  • Chuck Veneklase & Michelle Bobowick
  • Vet to Pet
  • Paulina Vidal-Herrera
  • Zoey & Jeff Wagner
  • Eliot Wajskol & Amy Schulties
  • Nancy Walker
  • Thomas & Rhianna Walton
  • Hilary & David Wang
  • Cameron Warren & Ramya Fernando
  • Marta Weber
  • Amy Weinstein
  • John Wells
  • Johnna Wells & Scott Conger
  • Randy Wells
  • Becca Werlin
  • Darcy West
  • Merri & Jimmy Whipps
  • Scott & Elisa Wickstrom
  • Paul & Leah Williams
  • Willowbrook Arts Camp
  • Anna & Daniel Wilson
  • Deborah & Damian Wise
  • Jay Wise
  • Craig Wollen & Cari Coyer
  • Wonder Puppy
  • Jack & Wanda Wynne
  • Samantha Yimsut
  • Venus & Ed Zaron
  • Zigzag Mountain Farm


Childpeace Montessori has made every effort to check the accuracy of the information in this report. Acknowledgement lists include gifts received and names appear as requested on donation materials or in official school materials. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions that have escaped our scrutiny. Childpeace values every contribution and greatly appreciates your support.

Our Mission

To guide the development of the whole child, socially and academically, through the principles of AMI Montessori education in an urban setting.